That's a sad, but old CJunction and other affiliate ad companies deactivated my participation here on the Internet to offer click thru's. Due to their obvious tactics that only large companies that pay heavily into google are allowed to earn from ads.
So, I will leave this site as is, simply for posterity and the truths of the insane build, where this time of 2021, woo's people into participating in building a website in order to earn a sampling of cash along the way. Only to later force them to destroy all their efforts. What took me a month or two is all demolished.
Big business wins, and has further dumped onto governments; to pick up the pieces and pay for the social services to provide for the fallout of internet workers who were shunned from earning an wage.

Southwest Paintings

What a Moo Moo!

Paintings of the Southwest:

Welcome to my little Gallery of "Found Art", with links to selected paintings from around the web. The pieces each offer something indicative of each Regions theme. Painting Mediums such as Oil or Acrylics, are not my focus here, only the expertise of the individual artists.
From my extensive travels, and over 10 years of tempera painting in France, I've gained an attunement towards choosing viable art that will not only endure many years of critique and opinion, but art that will be pleasing to the eye also.
Bare in mind, I cannot always assure the paintings are currently available for sale, however, hopefully my art gallery pages will lead you towards painters you find interesting, for their other works.
Eventually, I may surprise and list a few of my own paintings, yet for now, these Collectible Paintings are a good start towards furthering ones investment into the art world. Prices are subject to change.