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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Paintings and Beads

All Things that Sparkle!

Original Landscape Painting by Donatella Marraoni | Abstract Expressionism Art on Canvas | let's start dancing

Let's Start Dancing
Donatella Marraoni $2670

Beads and Paint?!

Yes, paintings have never really only been oil and acrylics. Artisans Handcrafters have implemented the techniques of adding mirrors to paintings and fabric for centuries, and today in our modern world, we have a practically inexhaustible collection of items to glue onto paintings and canvases.
One could look at the art as gimmicky and not a really serious form of fine art, and yet there they are, glued on spectacles of rhinestones and glass beads that glimmer and sparkle.
Tiny mirrors into our souls, to reflect upon as we walk by. The Egyptians were abundant artisans with faience-ware, creating rare objects still present today, made from glass and ceramics. Their chunky bead necklace style is often used to create designs and structure, for portraits, landscapes, or symbolism, as seen in the 2nd image.
Original Abstract Sculpture by Jan Widner | Art Deco Art on Other | Patterned Memories

Patterned Memories
Jan Widner $880

The different look, is all about the artists' perspective and their portrayal, rather than what the traditional art world has deemed upon as fine art.
For some artists they've added practical construction pieces onto each canvas, where they've become 3-dimensional, rather than a flatter work, like the "Monet Lisa".
Original Animal Collage by Sofia Goldberg | Realism Art on Canvas | American Cocker Spaniel. Dog portrait. Beadwork with rhinestones

Animal Collage
Sofia Goldberg $9600

In the past I've used rice under paint and a shellac varnish, which offers more of a hands-on a texture. Yet with beads, usually the beads and glass that are on display and can appear fragile. In certain circumstances I would recommend to frame them in a glass cover, to avoid bead break-away's or dust.
In the first painting shown above; the artist appears to use an interesting heavy mixture of oils, enamel and glass, achieving an opalescence.
With bead paintings, the delicate glass that shines, could be exactly what your looking for, either as an artist in represent, or as a buyer entertaining the bead and canvas art medium.

My Retrospective:

The eclectic spirit is something we cannot contain.
It pervades minimalism and shoes it away into it's closet of quiet wonder. Lost to it's concept of controlling our destiny towards being known as sedate and subdued; the human condition is still clamouring for cozy, unique, folksy, and quirky. Like a Las Vegas that devours us under its neon, into a place where even the word tacky becomes meaningful and glamorous. As the glassy dots & diamonds pile higher, so does the personal desire to match its ostentatious character. Not everyone can live surrounded by a siege of loud acquisitions, though. Their display, is bold and colorful, like a male peacock strutting his feathers. While the walls wait for new adornments, these brighter-style paintings will hold a daring energy, ready for Interior Designer's to design upon and around.

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